Why We Skate...

There are as many reasons to skate derby as there are derby skaters! Derby builds confidence, improves your mental health, inspires teamwork, offers opportunities to build confidence, courage and endurance.

To Build Strength

Roller skating helps improve balance with the strength of abdominal and lower-back muscles, since you must maintain a steady core to stay upright. Coordinating balance and leg movement improves coordination, balance, and agility.


In addition to increasing muscle strength, roller skating can help increase muscle endurance. This means you can skate longer distances – and do other intense workouts – without becoming exhausted.

To Get Off The Sidelines

Roller Derby is unique in that every skater has a place on the team regardless of size or shape. It's a challenging sport of self-improvement and team action. It strengthens your body and challenges your mind!
Go get your skates!

The Pittsburgh Derby Brats is a Jr. Roller Derby team located in Pittsburgh, PA. 

 We are proud to be a part of the Junior Roller Derby Association, JRDA.

Our skaters, aged 8 – 17, currently skate at all levels 0 – 3 and compete in both

sanctioned and unsanctioned bouts and scrimmages at the 2 and 3 levels.

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