The Pittsburgh Derby Brats hosted their first home game on December 14 at Neville Roller Drome on Neville Island,  against the Jersey Junior Roller Derby Girls.

The Junior Roller Derby League develops and empowers young women 8-18 years of age. The sport challenges players to be “bold, confident and united” through the strength, balance and strategic thinking of competitive roller derby. The sport is aggressive but focuses on talent and teamwork over brute strength to win. A player of any size can be a champion if they have the passion for it.

Established in February of 2013, the Pittsburgh Derby Brats practice twice a week and welcome all those who are interested. Many of the players have never been on skates before joining. Each member must train to develop levels of skills before they can participate in a competition: but from day one each member is a part of the team. Results have been dramatic in many of the players: fitness, confidence, camaraderie, and increase in academic focus. There are even scholarships for college. Currently there are over 140 junior leagues across the United States and in Europe. Roller Derby is the fastest growing sport in America.

Practices are normally held at the Neville Roller Drome on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Parents and young women interested in the sport are welcome to come and visit practice and speak with other parents, refs and coaches.